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Default Re: Find Out What ALBballer Thinks of You

Originally Posted by ALBballer
I <3 you. I gave Pigto my sister (jokes on him since he's a virgin, wait he is a virgin right? lol.) and I would offer you one of my 100 cousins that I have. Your a cool dude, knows the game but your too nice god dammit. How you gonna let Gobb make fun of your kid and your only response was way too nice about some stupid basketball mistake, Argh.

I'm taking Hyrdoxocut Hardcore, any suggestions/tips.

Lol, thanks bro, and I didn't even ask to be judged.
I'm surprised that you don't have 200 cousins, and that they all don't live in the same 2 bedroom household with you, along with your nana and 3 sets of aunts and uncles. (J/J, a joke I crack with my muslim buddy).

Don't remind GoBB about that. He felt bad I brought it up years later. He let me get away with saying Greg Paulus is the next best thing.

HC Hardcore is pretty good and MT has done a great job of supporting GNC. If ever you hear another website or nutrition store cut down any Muscletech it's only because they give us better support and great margins. Trust me, even amongst the bashings, I have ALOT of competition retailers coming in to buy MT products from me because it's cheaper than them getting it themselves. But try VPX Redline or Meltdown. Way more tweekier. Always take your protien and multis too. Diet is 80% of results when combined with consistancy.
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