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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Dang! I only got to listen to part of the Men's game yesterday and it seemed that Thabeet was pissed. The dude had 19 pts, 14 boards, and 7 blocks!!! He stepped up big time. I can't wait to hear/see the game against Wisconsin tonight.

The women had a great weekend as well. They crushed Rhode Island heading into our match-up against BYU (Tuesday) and then....Oklahoma on the 30th. The cool part about the women's program, we had six players scoring in the double-figures, plus Maya did not have to score all of the points. In fact, she got some much needed rest. Congrats, ladies. Now let's get ready for BYU on Tuesday. And fellas, let's get that win against Wisconsin!!!

Go, Huskies!!!
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