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Default Re: Play my boy Mardy Collins!

Originally Posted by Posterize246
I'm a Temple homer, so this could be a little biased, but the guy is a player.

NBA comparison: Aaron McKie (ironically also from Temple)

6'5", ran the PG position full-time in 4 years at Temple, coached by John Chaney, and one of the most underrated defenders out. Guy can guard 3 positions (pg, sg, sf). There used to be a youtube mix about 3 mins long of his defensive highlights with NY but can't find it now. Just these couple...

Don't think he ever got his shot in NY because they were guard heavy (Robinson, Marbury, Roberson, Duhon, Crawford)

I watched a lot of NY games and IMO he's a very underrated defender. He needs more PT, hopefully he'll get some with the LAC.

He can play SG also, can't he?

Yeah he can, he can also play the PG and SF spots as well. And defend those position too.
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