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Originally Posted by Jabes
This is my team

PG J. Terry
SG R. Allen
PG T. Parker
SF S. Battier
PF A. Harrington
F W. Szczerbiak
C Y. Ming
C M. Camby
UT Delonte West
UT S. Abdur-Rahim
BN P. Brown
BN Ju. Jones
BN Q. Richardson

Darko just came up on waivers, who should I drop for him Jones or Richardson?
That's a tough one. On the one hand you've got Jumaine Jones stuck behind Boris Diaw and on the other Q-Rich is behind Jeffries and Rose. I think it comes down to whether you think Richardson will improve on the dismal season he had last year. If you think he'll still be floundering this year, as I do, you would drop him and keep Jumaine Jones who will probably play Eddie House this year.
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