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Default Knicks team needs!

Knicks team needs:

NEW OWNER!: They need a new owner that doesnt manage to take his daddy's money and completely flush it down the toilet for trash players! Need a new owner that is not an idiot that will go out and hire idiots to run the team down the toilet!

NEW GM!: They need a new GM that will not take anymore crappy, long term salaries on players who are overrated, overpaid, and over the hill! A GM that will not trade his next 2 high end first round draft picks so that he can sign and trade for a overweight, overrated, overpaid Center with a bad heart, can't play defense, can't pass, can't rebound, and can't play with any intensity! (I hope the Knicks stink bad enough so that they win the lottery to pick Greg Oden and watch as how the Bulls have the right to swap that pick!)

In the end they need a good, shotgun, and have Dolan, Isiah, LB, Starbury, Francis, and Curry stand in the same room and just open fire and shoot them all!
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