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Originally Posted by Pork_Chops
"Eddie's playing out of the his mind, the whole summer" McCants

If this is true then I feel we could be a really good team this year. Eddie had that eye surgery so his shot should hopefully improve and he's losted weight (been working out). I think that "driving incedent" along with the fire that KG has been liteing under everyone might of really motivated Eddie to turn his act arround.

/cross fingers
I've been waiting to be an Eddie Griffin fan since he came to the Timberwolves. When he came into the league I thought he was going to be Tim Duncan with better range and defense. Sadly, all of people's expectations for him haven't been fulfilled. People who have watched him see how he can take over a game with his defense.

He could be a fantasy team's dream with all the different things he can do on offense and defense. Garnett thought this dude was actually better than him when he first got moved to the wolves. I hope he was right too, maybe this year he'll show us what he can do. I just hope he doesn't get away from us once he hits free agency.
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