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Default Tradeing Pau Gasol

My team
1. Pick (8) E. Brand PF
2. Pick (17) P. Pierce SG,SF
3. Pick (32) C. Anthony SF
4. Pick(41) R. Wallace PF
5. Pick(56) P. Gasol PF,C
6. Pick(65) A. Bogut PF,C
7. Pick(80) T. Murphy PF
8. Pick(89) B. Gordon PG,SG
9. Pick(104) C. Mobley SG
10.Pick (113) N. Mohammed C
11.Pick(128) Ja. Williams PG
12.Pick(137) N. Krstic PF,C
13.Pick (152) M. Williams PG
League settings are standard Roto
Though I think my roster is strong
I will use my Big men to recieve a better PG position
I was offered Ridnour for Gasol
The same manager Offerd me Iverson For Brand.
But with the rumors on Iverson and his age kreeping up I really don't want to giveup Brand, for Iverson though his PPG FT% ASST and steals look very nice to me right now.

And I have another Manager asking for Big Men and he does have Joe Johnson, Thinking of trying to send Gasol and williams for Johnson though I don't want to do anything to fast.
Also what do you think about Sheldon Williams he is a free agent and Yahoo has him listed as starting C for the Hawks?
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