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Default Re: From what I've seen of Austin Daye...

good comparison- size & even close stats

i think daye is more skilled than jeffries, especially as a shooter- the guy has a great outside shot

sure daye has a long ways to go to reach his potential, but his "ceiling" is as high or higher than pretty much any other potential draft picks- so even when he is drafted i see him drafted on potential as much as proven history

i see daye as fitting best in the nba as a pf- both offensively & defensivly- obviously needs to gain weight & strength, but at 6-11 dayes high post game w his passing & shooting could be very good- he is much more natural defensively inside & has plus potential as a shotblocker & rebounder

also w gonzaga as far as stats keep in mind how loaded the team was day's freshman year w upperclassmen, and how loaded w talent this years team is- daye imo still stands out as one of the most made for the nba players in college this year- if daye comes out in this draft, he is a for sure top 10 pick (& will grow to deserve it eventually)
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