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Default Which poster is more awkward.....

Mariodeathgrip - This guy posted his myspace and he looked about 30 years old (age said 27) and his page was nothing but anime, porno, and animeporno. His top 8 friends were fictional anime characters and porn stars whos managers handle their accounts. He seems like a nice enough guy but everyone of his posts is straight up CREEPY. I'm sure he's cool in real life but on ish he comes across as awkward. He's got a violent temper but it's always awkward, like where you're not scared he's gonna beat you up, but scared he's gonna suicide bomb the fast food joint you're eating at.

Heliege - Asked sizzle a billion questions in pm's. Some as serious as "will my mother keep my baby" some as bizarre as "if I solved a rubix cube twice at once would that make me cool or a square?" and some as violent as "curiosity never killed the cat and I have yet to kill you (!!!HHAH) he doesn't have the warm sincerity of a mariodeathgrip who freaks out, blacks out, wakes up, pets puppies, but he's definetely got some awkwardness.

Whos more awkward and who would win in a mind control fight?
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