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Default Re: Rose Crossover!

Originally Posted by Dengness9
Yeah whatever dude. He has rings and got to play with MJ and Scottie and is fun to listen to every game. He isn't like an older play by play guy who is out of touch with this generation of NBA. Put him down however you'd like, he's luckier than most people.

You got to calm down and lighten up. And dont reply you are. It was a joke on Stacey King who really was nothing more than bench fodder for the Bulls. You know it, I know it and I'm sure HE knows it. But the fact he can commentate and be relevant? Entertain an audience as it seems? Its funny he can finally provide something to the Bulls fans. Thats the joke in it all. He's not exempt from getting joked on because he played for a team u beloved. Nor is he exempt because he collected rings by doing nothing much. The logic in your reply is silly.

You either laugh or you dont. But lighten up.
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