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Default Re: Info of behind the scenes with the Charlotte Bobcats needed

Did you by chance read this article on a gossip website like Media Takeout?

The Cats are suffering from an absentee/clueless owner, but I haven't heard anything about a sex scandal.

The only players stealing money are Sean May and Adam Morrison. They have not come close to earning their contracts. The team is losing a bit of money because of the startup costs needed to start an NBA franchise. There is a reason that the majority of new owners have to be billionaires.

Black athletes romancing white women is nothing new. Jack Johnson, Boxing Heavyweight champion of the world, was marrying white women in the early 1900's. Race mixing in America is not a big deal.

The Cats also don't have any serious problems with criminality. NBA players tend to only get in trouble for traffic offenses, and the occasional weed or weapons charge. Nothing big has been coming out of Charlotte.

The Knicks on the other hand are a different story.
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