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Default Ak47 For Kobe Trade.

In Yahoo fantasy someone offered me Kobe/S.Francis for my AK47/ Josh Smith. I wouldn't make this trade as it takes all my shot-blockers and S. Francis is a big ?.

What about if I offered just a straight-up AK47 for Kobe? I still keep a swatter(smith) and get a great player, advice?


PG G. Arenas
(Was - PG)

SG R. Bell
(Pho - SG)
G W. Szczerbiak
(Bos - SG,SF)
SF A. Kirilenko
(Uta - SF,PF)

PF L. Odom
F J. Smith
(Atl - SG,SF)

C C. Wilcox
(Sea - PF,C)

C N. Krstic
(NJ - PF,C)
Util M. Williams
(Mil - PG)

Util S. Parker
(LAL - PG)

BN U. Haslem
(Mia - PF
BN M. Dunleavy
(GS - SF)

BN S. Swift
(Mem - PF)
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