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It is rather dissapointing to see Al being the same player as last season. I would have imagined that he would step up his game this season, but has only remained good, instead of becoming great.

He continues to rush everything on the court, and he makes the game difficult for himself by shooting difficult fade-aways and contested shots, instead of driving to the basket.

He plays as hard as the best of em'. However his issue is harnessing that energy, and focusing on letting the game come to him.

The great thing is that he is a hard worker and will continue to get better because of it. Hes had many 20 point games this season... but it needs to become a constant; rather than a every once in a while event.

Hopefully, once he becomes acclamated to playing with the 'new guys' he will gain a comfort zone, and regain the flow of the game; that he held last season.
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