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I think Al's fine. I think we all went into the season expecting way too much out of him. Believe it or not, the SF position is probably in the worst position to get the ball offensively. We focus our offensive pressure down low on Randolph, Camby, and Kaman, and when it's not there we want Baron Davis to have it in his hands. Thornton's game requires less overload in the lane and getting more direct passes from Davis.

Actually, I'm a little surprised his production has stayed up this year. He had an awfully good rookie year in which he was often one of the focal points of our offense. This year, even though it's hard to believe, the guys around him are stronger and more dependable, so the fact that he's still playing at an even level with tougher circumstances is pretty good.

Plus, let's not overlook the improvements he's made on defense.
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