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Assuming a standard 9 category Roto or H2H league:
Well you're not going to do well in assists and quite possibly steals. You've got a lot of guys who can't hold onto the ball so you'll probably lose TOs. Your team looks about average in the three point shooting department. Shaq will destroy your FT% so now you're left competing for FG%, Points, Rebounds, and Blocks. You will be dominant in those four categories. Unfortunately, four categories isn't enough to win in H2H against a balanced team.

You also have a lot injury risk in the frontcourt. Camby, Shaq and Stoudemire are likely to miss at least 20 games each this season.

I'm sorry I rained on your parade. If Earl Watson is available, drop Salmons for him. Salmons isn't going to do anything as long as Kevin Martin is healthy. That move almost might make your team respectable in assists and threes.

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