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Originally Posted by dab0yech0
First, we are not getting enough in return for what we are giving up.

Second, Thornton is a good player but his subpar ball handling really messes up his game. When he dribbles the ball his head is always down (and I thought Maggette had bad handles) and this causes him to go outta control. If his handles improved, Al would be able to use that along with his strength and athleticism to get where he wants.

thinking that giving up kaman and thornton for gerald wallace and jared dudley is too much is simply wishful thinking. you are letting the fact that thornton was a lottery pick and kaman sometimes puts up some decent but ultimately empty stats cloud your judgement. al thornton is already 25. his handles arent gonna improve. dude is in his prime right now. he's not getting any better. kaman is, what, 26. same with him, he has reached his ceiling. bottom line is that our team would be better right now with a two-way borderline allstar small forward in gerald wallace and a quality blue-collar reserve.

there arent gonna be many better offers for kaman and thornton than that. it doesnt matter what the trade looks like on paper. the trade helps the clippers, because we sure as hell arent getting anything from kaman and thornton that is translating in the win column. baron, marcus, and now zach are the only 3 guys who basically play their game on a nightly basis. for every good game kaman and thornton have they have about 2 or 3 stinkers.

randolph has already taken kaman's place and is playing better than him, and wallace over thornton is a no brainer.

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