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Originally Posted by HALLandOATES
Wouldn't be fly if 2k had Olympic mode? Have the USA's jerseys and other countries teams? or even have dream team mode where you can play all USA's former teams? They'd never get the rights for that though..

Live 06 does. its a mod called "NTeams" that has the complete national team rosters, uniforms, faces, and courts for dozens of international countries. Unfortunately, its basically obsolete if you want to play as the US, since its only the international roster circa 2004.

BTW, I often play exhibition matches with old US rosters and using the old NJ Nets jersey (with the red white and blue stars) by creating my own rosters via Roster Management. Usually, though, I'm short one or two players since guys like Chris Mullin or Mitch Richmond aren't in the game as legends.
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