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Not looking good brother. Sorry. I think you can fix it, but you have to shake it up QUICK

STLS, ASSTS, TOs, FT% are very very weak. You will find your PTS and 3s not as good as you would like on most weeks. Moreover, your FG% looks ok, but if Shaq is ever injured for a week and Mello has 4 games that week your FG% tanks. At the same time whenever Shaq is out the FT% is much better. Anyway, take no offense, Its not looking good. But its not horrible either. You are in a great position to fix your team. Its the classic case of being overloaded in the positions that are less saturated with productive players which leaves you BAIT!!!

What you want to do is bring your overweighted REBS and BLKS down. You can even bring BLKS down below average because BLKS is a category where 1 or 2 teams in a league dominate (like you right now) while the rest of the H2H matchups are going to be close. You will win REBS 70% of the time too, so you have room to take a hit in REBs as well. You have 2 excellent C's that are injury risks and an above avg. C. That means there are a bunch of teams with 1 good/avg C and im sure there are a few that are totally lacking in that category. You also have Amare and Bosh who just pile on those BIG MAN stats. You gotta part with some of these guys, and its gonna be hard to pull the trigger, but u gotta be smart. Literally, get rid of 2 of those big guys. You can actually get rid of 2 C's but you have to leave yourself Shaq or Camby (it would have to be 2 different trades). Package together at least one trade, if not 2, that looks like the following. Again do not trade both Amare/Bosh or both Camby/Shaq.

Look for something like this:
a) Kristic/Bosh/+ (+ means maybe one of your last picks if need be-those that are really not impactive unless in a big deal)
b) Shaq/Bosh/+
c) Shaq/Amare+
d) Camby/Kristic/+
e) Camby/Amare/+

If you do option D you can then trade Amare heads up if the first trade went very well and you need some more scoring or whatever.

With your situation you can get a whole lot of talent. You want to look for, again, those players that bolster your pts/assts/stls and get in the package someone to help bring back some of your REBS or BLKS. And you need to get 1 or 2 C's out of the deal. You should target a top tier guy that brings it all. Guys like Pierce, Kidd, C. Paul, Hinrich, arenas, gordon, joe johnson, odom. Maybe even Nash or Parker (if someone is really in need of a C). Look for those middle tiered scorers, the G/Fs that are multi-stat gold like Josh Howard, Ricky Davis, D. West, Josh Smith. Look finally for that decent inside C that is consistently decent, and a solid FG%, but amazing, like Brezec, Chandler, Curry (all guys that shoot over 50%, get about 8 pts, 10 rebs and a block, assist, and steal or two). See if you can get Brad Miller he is the one guy that I would say you should specifically target in this trade. He scores 15, 5 assists, 1 stl, 1 blk, 87 FT%. Unfortunately he puts up bricks all day with FG of 36%, but thats worth getting this guy who is a perfect complement to a Fantasy team like you are trying to wind up with. Perpahs you could swing a 2nd trade Amare for Miller and someone like a marco jaric, or andreas nocioni type of player who only heps your situation.
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