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This was a dream year for Clips fans. But I probably wasn't alone in being almost as nervous as I was happy as I followed the team this year. In the back of my mind, I kept waiting for the other Clipper shoe to drop. It's with that same feeling that I go into the offseason.

IF they resign Cassell, I also feel next year will be even better. They've been to the postseason and came close to advancing to the conference finals. Elton Brand has even more room to improve, and will have the confidence of knowing that he stepped up on the big stage and produced. Livingston is getting better by the day.

I hope the Clippers trade Maggette; I've never been big on him. He's always been somewhat erratic and at times makes poor decisions. He has episodes where he stops ball movement and holds the ball for long stretches of the shot clock, before jacking up a shot or driving in and throwing something up hoping to get fouled. I'd bet the Clippers could get a nice piece for him; despite his flaws he's super athletic, strong and hustles.

Here's hoping to a great 2007 season for the Clips!

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