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Default Re: Game 23 vs Rockets

I was very skeptical about Zach when he came. Now Im rather happy that he has arrived. He has given the Clipps that motivational push that was needed, and Im quite surprised that Its coming from him.

The great thing I see, is that the Clipps are properly exploiting all of the good things about Randolph. He seems not like a black hole, but a go-to guy, and he has delivered. Hes been scoring great, and rebounding well, but the best portion about last night's game, is that he only had 3 TO's. Plus, it seems like he always grabs the loose balls and quickly scores.

And the focus being placed on him, is allowing everyone else to freelance, and have more liberty to work with.

Im hoping that with this new play that has risen, that they make good use of this upcoming road trip that holds many winnable games.
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