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Originally Posted by insidehoops
So the NBA 06 game series isn't normal full sim like the other two, it's an "alternative" type of game involving training and scenarios, not regular 5-on-5 season/league play?

that is somewhat correct. you still play a 5 on 5 game but not a normal full sim like in nba live where you go through the season then playoffs. sometimes you have to play a full half, sometimes they require you to play a full game but you have get a certain number of points, steals, blocks etc.

there is a storyline to it. you are a rookie who has just replaced the STAR PG for the team you choose. that star PG is very bitter and trashes you in interviews throughout the game while the media also critisizes you as well and you have to overcome the odds. you also have an agent who gives you advice and a local street legend who teaches you how to make your game more flashy to get endorsements.
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