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Default Re: Clippers 2-13 before Zach became a starter, 4-4 since

Kaman's stock is at an all-time low. So whoever you deal for will be of less value than what Kaman provides. I heard rumors flying around for Rip whcih would be pretty nice for the Clipps but I dont know how much truth there is in that. Def. if Kaman is dealt, a shooting guard needs to come in return. I though Jrich might have been an option, but he was traded.

But Gordon has been playing very well, and any acquisition of a shooting guard would stunt his development. I say let the trade offers come to the Clippers. Let it be known that he is availible, but dont actively shop him. When you actively shop a guy, you are going to get the least amount of value for him. Kaman is a very skilled center, they shoudnt make a deal just to make a deal
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