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Not what I meant. I didn't re read my post, but what I tried to be clear about is to consider trading:

One of each, but never both of the pairs: Camby/Shaq and Bosh/Amare

Definitely want to leave this squad with Camby/Bosh, Camb/Amare, Shaq/Bosh or Shaq/Amare. I think Camby works better on a team with Amare, and Shaq would work better with Bosh for reasons that would send me into a tangency zone.

I mentioned to maybe trade like Kristic/Amare/+ to get a lot of different options including a decent C like Magloire. And then move Shaq to get a Hinrich/+ or maybe Shaq/+ for a pierce. Something like that.

The squad needs to be shaken up for real, or else its gonna tank all while hogging all the BLKS and REBS in the league.
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