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agreed. i was a little generous, especially with PTS and BLKS. He will most likely own TO's because no one on their actual teams wants to pass them the ball. Therefore, FG% and FT% are bound to be above average since no one can shoot if their team don't pass 'em the ball. That works nicely, right? Seriously, though, its a snore fest. This team was picked directly from a Yahoo! chart i assume.

Again, he may win BLKS a few times but I change my grade for BLKS to B-. Is that not the worst front court you've ever seen on a fantasy team, by the way. Again, sorry to trash it, but Perkins/West duo? They are both bench C's in any fantasy league. Perkins has some potential to break out this year, but that only warrants him as a draft pick in large leagues.

He has a bunch of defensive lockdowns that will maybe block a few shots on the outside that turns into a few steals that turns into a few break aways that turn out to be the only FGs they take that game, in 32 minutes played, no less. Most likely one TO there when they dribble off their feet outa bounds one of those times.

Nocioni is a solid pick for a squad this year I'd say. But I just wonder where this guy picked him?

And he will Assist well this year. Nocioni is a very good, headsy player. He is still starting on a roster that got better and deeper which means he becomes less of a scoring option. If he stays playing the same minutes his ASSTS should rise decently. Then Watson, Wallace, Marion, Okur, Felton, and even Telfair this year, are all fantasy +'s for assts.

But I believe its irrepairable. Sorry dude!
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