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Default Re: Clippers 2-13 before Zach became a starter, 4-4 since

Originally Posted by qrich
Kaman + Hart + Ricky + Rights to Sofoklis + 2nd rounder to Sacramento for Brad Miller + John Salmons.

Hart is bought out and returns to the Clippers.

Kaman + Ricky Davis + Rights to Sofoklis to Minnesota for Mike Miller, Craig Smith + rights to Nikola Pekovic

I see no reason to why a Kaman/Bogut front court won't work. Kaman can play the high post, Bogut in the low.

I would looove that..

Finally Miller would be able to get some decents shots, and have a group of guys that can support his game. Plus, I prefer to have him as the designated 3pt shooter, rather than NOvack... seeing as how Mike can do more than just shoot 3's...
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