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I like the team. Now there's a team with personality for yah! The typical heavy on PTS, 3s but its got enough production with REBS from the non Cs so it will cover you when you're pissed with Eddy Curry in a few months. I'd say you're questionable with BLKS, TOs, ASTS, and STLS. FG% and FT% seem alright, but those are the toughest to tell. Your certainly not in trouble there. So its good. I don't see you blowing out teams every week with your team as is. I'd look to move (trade) one of your scorers that brings not much else to get you something you are lacking. ASTS is the easiest to predict, but STLS are needed too. Guys better in one or both of those categories will "usually" help you with TOs as well.

I do take issue with a few players, however.

I don't like Cutino on my team. But, whatever, i know he is a draft pick in every league. He is a frustrating player who plays amost 40 minutes and gives you nothing but PTS while he can KILLLL your FG%. But he can be on fire for a whole week just as he can be cold. I'm just not a fan. He was injury prone early in his career but had a nearly complete season last year, so that is a good sign for this season.

And, man, drop D. Mason. I know what you did. You were down to the end and saw a guy who is fun sometimes and gets you about 14 pts a game. Dude, he sucks on a fantasy team that kills everyone in PTS. Its a waste of a spot. You are more than OK with PTS. Desmond is gonna get you maybe 1 assist, but he wont get you anything else. His stat sheet is horrible and has gotten worse. He Doesn't rebound. He doesnt defend. He shoots a poor FG% and a worse FT%. ASo thos points you are getting, which you don't need in the first place, are coming at a clip that brings your FG% and FT% down. And he'll add needless TOs. He misses every 3 he takes. I cant stress enough how Desmond Mason is a BAD fantasy player to draft this year. Wait until he proves for a few weeks straight that he can board and assist and make some shots before even considering picking him up.

Rafer Allston is a FG% and FT% nightmare whlie he's getting you a few 3's and 15 pts maybe. Simmilar to Desmond but you need him for the ASTS and STLS he provides which you need all of what you can get. But beware of his attitude problem that surfaced last year. Its a similar case with J. Williams when he emerged in the league but Alston doesnt have the added TO problems. He's quite good with AST/TO. But, if he can settle down and realize he has other options and he can play 82 games for 38 minutes a game, and not feel like he has to score as much as he wants. He could be deadly if he dished more ASTS especially now with Wells on the team. I think the addition of Bonzi can significantly raise Allston's fantasy value. Look how good J. Will became once he settled down and found a monster roster in Miami. I remain guarded still on Raefer this draft. He will be drafted, I just hope I dont need what he brings when his time comes.

But, Man, Get rid of Desmond now! Id be interested in who is available in your league for the G/F position.
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