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Default Re: trade with toronto

well im a hardcore toronto fan, and we messed up our chances to build a legit championship team (not drafting iggy, chris paul when there was a offer on the table, or rudy gay/or broy)

the only young players we have worth anything is bargnani (not worth much), calderon (horrible defensively have quite old relatively speaking) and bosh (great player)

There is no way a thop shelf free agent is signing with us in the summer of 10. The only thing left to do is rebuild. So my idea is to trade bosh for horford and smith (if smith is too much for them to give us then williams), trade calderon for to portland for webster or rudy (preferably rudy) and bayless, trade jo and the vet for whatever young players or picks we can, this way we d have a young core of

smith or williams
rudy or webster

then build through the draft this year and next and sign some nice young players in 10 or 11,

which is why i was wondering if atl would do the trade i was proposing, now i will post on the prtland board to see how they feel about calderon
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