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Default Re: What are your team and player observations so far? Who on the team is playing be

Originally Posted by Qlippers
ZBo is playing better than I expected, he's moving the ball out of the double teams and creating mismatches but rebounding his misses too.

the weird thing about this is, i was living in the new york tv market last year so i watched a lot of randolph with the knicks, and he really was terrible with passing out of double teams. its not like he had an undeserved reputation. last year he really was all the bad things people generally attribute to him (as well as all the good things) but this year it seems like he just woke up one day and decided to pass and defend, and you can see how much better he can make his team when he does it.

Originally Posted by Qlippers
The key for the team is improving the 2nd unit, a reliable wing defender and better rotation defense. Of course, the FT % is awful

Hopefully they can get something for Kaman that will give us a deeper and better rotation.
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