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Default Re: Game 25 vs Bulls

i agree with DaBoyEcho, MikeD sure makes some bonehead moves at the end of game. Sometimes he acts like he does not understand the nuances of basketball... like you dont place 'cold' players in crucial situations, and regardless of 'tactical thinking'.. its always better to look for your 'hot hand'.

Im super frustrated with great Clipper games, that get lost by close margins, or poor officiating.

But regardless of all the uphill battle the Clippers will have to endure, i gotta say that i love the makeup of this current team. Finally this team looks a legitimate solid group that has is entertaining as well as talented.

EDIT: I wrote this before reading this mornings LA TIMES.. And Mike said that that Al T. play was actually intended for Zach, but Thornton just slashed in and took over the play....

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