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Default Re: Clippers, clippers, clippers...

Originally Posted by ZeN
You may be right, I could be the only on reading wrong stuff into it, particularly since im the only one that responded that way.

I can see what you mean about them doing better as of late, they have looked great lately. However I find it difficult to take solace in these last 3 wins, since there almost 20 losses weighing the Clipper down.. Its funny how at the moment this is a 'lottery bound' team, while holding a heavy amount of talent.

I too have confidence that this team has what it takes to 'get it done' but I know its a hard wait, for all the Clipper fans who have struggle through out loosing season. Thats particularly why I took offense.

However, if ya do follow the Clippers and can watch them, while still being a Laker fan, I can respect that, because I get put down myself for being a Laker fan that follos the Clipps.

Im an L.A. guy born and raise, and Im all about things Los Angeles. So I would love for The City of Angels to have not one, but two winning basketball teams.

I was still upset on how they lost to the bulls the other day... damn.. flippin lucky shot... Up 4 with that darn 4 point play...

Well yeah I'm also an LA guy so Deep down I root for them a and When I see this team play, I just feel they are waiting to blossom... Baron Davis, ZBO,Al Thorton,EJ,Camby(27 rebounding machine) Are too good of a line up to not make the playoffs... They will get it together...
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