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@ Poorlilrich

Sorry dude, but the team may be out of contention at the break. And the only trade bait you have you can't possibly trade. If you trade Prysbylla its gonna be trash for trash. Most likely both players will get canned shortly after. There may be some room out there to squeak u into the playoffs but that is a long shot, so really disecting this one is futile. No offense.

everyone else - I am going to give a shout to Moncrief first cuz I checked it real quick and its a fierce squad with a hole or to that can be repaired. If you have read my rants and would like me to tear apart your squad PM me with your squad so I dont lose it on this Thread. Some cats are doing that lately to make sure I get to em. Fact is im going away with the lady this weekend and will be jonsin for my NBA fix come next week. If your in my inbox i'll do those for sure. If not then maybe maybe not.


I don't know the details of the keeper league. I may be reading it wrong, but if you've built it over the years does that mean you go to the draft with more than 1 or 2 keepers every year? I doubt it. Who are your keepers? What would you say is the best keeper core this year? I'm gonna assume that there are some teams in your league that are PTS whores in your league? And they are probably hogging all the 3s too? Those are 2 areas you gotta grab if you want to compete to the end which you are ready to do. And your TO's are gonne be scarry high. That is just the nature of having a sic squad like u do. So you can try to improve that one, but its harder to quantify and do successfully without messing up more important areas. So it can be an acceptable who. I feel you're way above avg in ASTS. And you shouldn't have any probs with either BLKS, FG%, and FT%.

So you got a chip caliber team fer sure. Wade, Pierce, Bosh, Gasol, Diaw? Amazing spread there. You may be throwing TOs out the door but F it. Work on getting some more 3s/PTS which is nice cuz they are complementary categories. Maybe its with the FA or maybe its a 2 of yours for 1 of theirs trade. Do not touch any of those guys I mentioned. Kaman could be used but its tough to make up what you are losing there at the C. I'd say to get rid of Curry and maybe Martin. Curry is inconsistent and can kill a week if he decides never to score 20 which he can but does so infrequently it sucks. And he's getting you nothing else other than TO's. Maybe do a minor deal with your Curry & Raymond Felton or Curry and Kenyon for a 17 pointer at the G, F or C, most likely G or F. If that doesnt fly see what you can get from Kaman. In that case you may have to keep Curry, or find a FA now that can score as a C if possible. Kaman with Felton or Kenyon may be your ticket to a Gordon package, Okur package, or something like that. If you do anything it it is imperative that you get the edge on 3s and Pts. Take the dive on ASTS and REBS if u have to, its affordable and leads to a chip!

Good Luck.....see y'all in a few days
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