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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by Parade
I think you just can't cogitate the level of genius that is Gifted Mind, let me aid your cogitation.

No, but seriously, it's obvious that Gifted Mind's a phony. His whole ensemble - username gifted mind, sciencey avatar, "think it through" user title, location set to Stanford - it's overkill.

He goes to Stanford like VCDAPTW is a handsome man, like Dr. K can do his own homework, like -primetime- banks 250k a year, like Don posts Don wins, like Evo8 had a quad season, like Heleige is gonna be a billionaire, like LOJ is gonna drop the insurance salesman gig put down the game controller and become a published writer, like steve's a good moderator, like glove20's an expert at something, like Mr. Baskeball#1 went to a celtics game, *inhales*, like High potential has a 176 IQ, like KobesOneUglyTat can add, like BigJake's a "road" scholar, like V-unit doesn't copy threads off a bodybuilding forum, like superboyXX8818's a sane person, like Charlie Zelenoff's a pro fighter, etcetera...

The only people that think Gifted mind possesses anything over average intelligence are the same people that think pennyeach is VCDAPTW.
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