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Default Willing to accept all criticism

I am willing to accept all criticism I enjoy you guys pointing out my weaknesses and telling me how I got ripped in that trade. It just adds another perspective to my thought. However Im not saying also that Jameer is a top 30 player either but I did get him in the 7th round so I do think that is a good pick. I dont go by that solely I am just using it as evidence to support my ideas. They are projections like you said so if they do good then they can say they called it just like paul over nash. However alot of ppl in fantasy underrate projections and draft more on the name than the numbers. Young players on the rise are much more fantasy valuable than old guys perfect example is Duncan. A fantasy disappointment because he cares more about winning. Guys like Jameer, Smith, Hinrich, Roy, all guys with tremendous upside, guys who are no where near their full potential, I have been doing fantasy for years last year when I drafted Dwight Howard 6th or 7th round everyone mocked me. Now Howard didn't even fall to me at the 3rd pick. Guys like that are the ones you have to grab in the beginning of the year cuz when its the middle of the year you see how good they actually are.

I have also already tried to get perkins off waivers for pj.
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