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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Hey Gifted Mind. You like big words, right? Do you know what "solecism" means? I'm going to go ahead and put all your solecisms in bold, and also suggest that you balance out your Thesaurus reading with maybe taking on Garner's cover to cover ... before you God forbid send in something you wrote to the admissions people at Stanford, because then it's just over.

Sorry for any unconvenience I may have caused to your ego which cannot stand anyone else doing math problems only you yourself were solving on ISH. There I said it. That's the reason I hypothesize you are after me.

Furthermore, you have gone too far. I was being nice but I have had enough. I'm sick and tired of taking this **** from you. First of all, I suggest getting a life. [does not follow]My main purpose on joining ISH was to read and post about basketball. The Off Court Forum is simply a secondary forum to look at when you are bored. ISH was made for basketball. [verb tense agreement] Yet I've never read even one post of basketball from you. Which leads to question your intents of joining this forum. To post on the Off court forum? Do you not have any friends that you can talk to? Are you really that alone? I don't have that many friends who are very into basketball, therefore I joined this forum. You on the other must really pathetic since you spend most of your time on the OT. I highly suggest you f*uck off and find friends to talk to. Or are you too *****y to them too? I hate you arnold because you can do a math problem only I was supposed to do Not even really sure to do with those last two; incoherent

You're a useless poster who doesn't seem to show any interest towards basketball on a basketball forum. I find that highly despicable.

I've already said I don't go to Stanford as of now. So I'm not sure why you spent all that time talking about a subject that is totally irrelevant. But what I find amusing is a selfish little ***** is calling me unintelligent. I hate to be cocky, and I never have been, however this is ludicrous. After the comments I heard from in one particular thread, I've already decided that you are absurd. Simply lacking normal human characteristics. You remind me of those mentally challenged folks who are unable to comprehend a situation logically. If anything, I feel better hearing negative comments from you towards myself. Listen, I don't want to spend time arguing with an ignorant, intolerant, and bigoted poster like you so please just do me a favor and shut yourself in a closet. Because people like you don't deserve to live.

Look whatever loser. Just realize that you fail in every way imaginable and nobody takes you seriously and you're not smart.

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