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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by Posts Penyeach
Hey Gifted Mind. You like big words, right? Do you know what "solecism" means? I'm going to go ahead and put all your solecisms in bold, and also suggest that you balance out your Thesaurus reading with maybe taking on Garner's cover to cover ... before you God forbid send in something you wrote to the admissions people at Stanford, because then it's just over.

Look whatever loser. Just realize that you fail in every way imaginable and nobody takes you seriously and you're not smart.

I replied back to you and parade with grammatical errors that were made on purpose. I just wanted to see how much you care about my grammar. Parade disappointed me by ignoring everything, however you did not disappoint. It seems you care too much about my grammar, whether it’s good or bad.

Also I don’t care at all what someone as pathetic as you thinks about me. No one takes me seriously? I think I’ll let all the reps (that don’t come off begging for them) and PMs (That say not to pay attention to posters like you) decide that. You’re the one that is worthless and unintelligent. I find it funny that you still think otherwise.
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