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Def Jam wants to scare whoever leaked the single into submission. As the article says, they're afraid that the person, or someone else, may leak the album in its entirety, so they want to both get to the bottom of this leak, and let people know that they are serious about keeping the album under raps until its release. Jay's album doesn't come out for another month and a half... I'm sure he doesn't want his album leaked 5 or 6 weeks in advance of release, and getting the FBI involved, which may not even be true, is a way of scaring whoever may have had intentions to leak it into not doing so. Def Jam's actually in the right here. What if there was an official release party or a partnership with a radio station or venue stipulating that they would be the first to have the single and play it... That's over with now... Radio stations are already playing it. We have no idea what the plans were for this single... Def Jam's just doing what they feel is right to protect their product, and I agree with them.
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