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Default Nba Dares

posted this also in the Off the Court Lounge forum.
though it would be a nice way to get to know some of you guys.

saw this on the rumors page:
Shavlik Randolph briefly considered a cash offer from Allen Iverson at dinner Wednesday to jump in the water and swim to a boat about 30 yards away, but was smart enough to quickly reconsider.

i'm glad to see that these players have a great sense of humor. this is what i miss most about playing on a team! i remember we went a a road trip when i was in high school(early 90's) we had this big kid who spoke french & a bit of english; our starting center (he was 6-7 @ 14 years old). we had made a stop to eat & as we all got off the bus a kid on the team dared him to walk into the kentucky fried chicken and sweet talk the lady into giving him a bucket of breasts- just breasts!!! he had to explain the the lady that he just loved their breast... but it was really funny with that french accent! he wasn't able to get the bucket (they have to mix it up with wings &drums) but man was it ever funny watching him talk to her and making all the hand gestures. in the end he was really pissed b/c he lost out on 55$ (5$ a kid had to pay up if he did it) but he sure did get to practice his english!

anyone got any stories like that?
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