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Originally Posted by EuroWise
Thank you all for you ideas and help.

I have just rade Amare with a high injury risk for Gilbert Arenas.

How it looks like my team now? With Arenas I increase the 3pts, stls, and assists.

Was that a one-for-one trade because if it was, whoever took him off of your hands is stupid. You definitely improved your 3PTM, STL and ASST. You will still stink in TOs and assists are still not where I would want them to be (but I tend to overvalue assists and point guards in general). You might as well try to trade Carmelo Anthony because in a standard nine category league, Melo is only really valuable for points and FT% and Shaq will demolish your FT%. If you have managers in your league that will accept a Stoudemire for Arenas trade, I would go after somebody like Ron Artest, Rashard Lewis, Lamar Odom or Antawn Jamison in a straight up trade for Melo.

Please tell me John Salmons isn't still on your team.

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