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Default Re: Blazers score basket against Celtics using six players on the court

If you walk around in the sidelines, sneak under the basket and get an alley-oop, then get called for tech, will they still do the same thing? since you got the dunk 1st b4 being called for the tech

And yeah the nba is getting uglier and uglier. Superstar calls is ruining it. Lebron gets it, kobe gets it, wade gets it, paul gets it and many others. But Boston has the big 3 that gets it and even Rondo is starting to get the "respect" of the refs. Which gives a single game a ton of ugly calls.

Why do it so much. They are superstars and already good on their own, Magnigying and making them look even good on paper just makes them look bad for unbias casual fans
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