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Default Re: I would take Jonny Flynn over both Rubio and Jennings

Originally Posted by Grinder
Defense - Rubio is last???

Come on dude, defense is arguably the best part of Rubio's game. As a 16 year old he was averaging 3.2 steals per game in only 18 minutes of play.

Rubio's handles are better than Jenning as well, he took him off the dribble with pretty much one hand easily in the few minutes they were against each and other and then forced Jennings into a few turnovers.

Other than that, looks pretty good.

I'm not saying Rubio isn't a good defender because he is. But this whole steals in the Euroleague thing is nonsense. I watch this guy play and he gets some kind of bizarre special treatment in Europe that no other player gets on defense. He is allowed to literally mug the offensive player basically all game long and hardly gets called for fouls. Other players can only play like he does all game long maybe once or two possessions before they get whistled for the foul - even well establish stars that are much better than him at the current moment.

Even in FIBA tournaments Rubio seems to get this special treatment. His defense is basically mugging the other team and getting preferential treatment from the refs for whatever reason (maybe because he's physically outmatched by the men he plays against so the refs let him do it since he is really still a kid?)

Anyway, when you combine that with the fact that the NBA doesn't allow hand checking I don't see his current defensive game translating well at all to the NBA. If he was just reffed the same as other Euroleague guards are he would not even be mentioned for his defense. But everyone is like "he averaged 3 assists in his rookie Euroleague year!"

I'm saying it straight out, he is getting very biased reffing and without it and without being able to hand check in the NBA his defense will take a big hit, at least initially. But he's very aggressive on D and he's got great ball instincts and very quick hands so the talent is there on D, but those steals stats are big time inflated IMHO.

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