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Default Re: I would take Jonny Flynn over both Rubio and Jennings

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Just checkin stats but..

Brandon Jennings is shooting 13% (4-29) from 3 this year. And that's not an NBA 3 either.

Rubio's 4.7 apg in 11 mpg are damn impressive, though only through 3 games.

The more and more I follow the Euroleague the more I learn about the many plethora of myths American b-ball fans have about the game over there. This is one of them - that it is easier to shoot 3's over there because the line is closer. And I think most US fans really believe that and take off 5-10 percent of a guy's percentage to "translate" it to an NBA shooting percentage.

The problem with all of that is that if you actually watch enough of the games you would see that the perimeter defense at the 3 point line in the Euroleague is about 3 times better than it is in the NBA. I mean teams REALLY contest shots over there, in a way that NBA clubs just don't. Granted, when I say Euroleague teams I don't include the Spanish ones in that because they don't play the same defense (but the majority of Euroleague teams are playing tough D especially the Russian club and the Greek clubs). That's one of the reasons I think people are confused by Rubio's play in "the best league in Europe" as everyone keeps calling it in that ACB of Spain. But without a doubt the Euroleague defense is seriously superior to defense in the ACB league.

I actually think it's harder to shoot the 3 over there than it is in the NBA. In fact the line being closer just makes it even that much harder. If you see the games you can see often players are closing out on the 3 well. Players are often bigger, more athletic in some cases and just about always more disciplined and trained in team defense than NCAA players and they are able to close out on the shorter line, unlike in the NBA where it the line is further out and it makes it harder to do so.

The average US fan thinks the opposite, that it's harder for Euro players to shoot 3s in the NBA because "the defenders are all bigger and more athletic". Well that may be true certainly for NCAA players but it's not so for Euroleague ones. Jennings is playing against some serious team defenses and team defensive tactics and strategies over there. It's literally amazing seeing how tough the D is that some teams over there play and the American side of basketball fans just about all believe they play no defense in the Euroelague.

Basically what I am saying is Jennings certainly needs to work on his outside jump shot without a doubt, but he is seeing perimeter D that is leaps and bounds above what anyone in the NCAA sees.

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