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Originally Posted by poorlilrich
can some1 please rate this team? is it a lock to make the playoffs?
12 teams
my team
pg m bibby(looking to trade him)
sg maggette
g b davis
sf AK
pf Dirk
f battier(if he plays PF big #s comming)
c pryzbilla(looking to trade him)
c nesterovic
util m miller
util mo williams
bn tinsley, s swift, scerbiak

who should i trade bibby for
should i just drop pryz
This team has a lot of question marks. Most of your players are career under-achievers, injury risks or GASP both! Bibby and stud Dirky are probably your most consistant players. Your PGs Mo Williams, Baron Davis and Tinsley are huge injury risks so DON'T trade Bibby. That doesn't even include Maggette and AK47(games). Battier is a solid player with good %s but if you get 12 points and 6 rebs from him you'll be lucky. Pyrbilla will be on and off the waiver wire all year. He'll have his moments especially in the second half of the season as usual but still Portland has a lot of BIGS. Mike Miller should be good with Gasol out and mighty mouse not 100%. I think this is Swift's year and he should get C eligibility before too long. wally is another solid player with pts, 3s, and %s.

In conclusion scan your waiver wire, there are probably a lot of better players you can grab. Then again I gambled on alot of the same players so what do I know?
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