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Default Re: I would take Jonny Flynn over both Rubio and Jennings

Originally Posted by Mr_Basketball#1
IF you read a couple of my posts you would have know I've been saying this dumbass.

This has to be a joke. A semi athletic (is barely quicker than a turtle), set shot shooting, oversized, sub par defender (quicker players kill him), point guard is better than Brandon Jennings, Jonny Flynn, and Ricky Robio...


This guy is too much of a tweener to make a serious impact on the NBA. He isn't quick enough to compete with opposing PG's and isn't strong enough or get enough height on his jumper to succeed at the SG position either.

edit: You said there was a good chance...Which is a complete fail considering Curry is a glorified volume shooter who fill have problems finding his shot in the NBA.
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