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Default Re: I would take Jonny Flynn over both Rubio and Jennings
"Barcelona, Spain Trip & Euro League Game
Friday, December 12th, 2008

Hey wasup everybody - We just got back from Barcelona, Spain, where we had a huge Euro League game. It was a great trip overall. The food and city are amazing. We got to Spain around 7pm Wed night. As soon as we checked into the hotel we had a team meeting and team dinner. I then bounced to do a few media requests with Ricky Rubio. I was able to spend a few hours with Ricky, he was really cool, he speaks English very well. Just like me he has a ton of energy and loves playing the game of basketball. He showed up to the media blitz with his Mom and Dad, he has really nice parents. We talked for a few minutes. It was funny because I was signing my Jersey for someone and Ricky says to me “You are left handed”. It was funny because he was already sizing me up for the game. What I noticed is that Ricky also writes with his left hand but plays the game right handed, he must have a pretty good left? All and all I was really happy to meet Ricky and look forward to being his friend for many years to come.

Now to what everyone wants to hear about, the game and the matchup with Ricky. Unfortunately Ricky only played about 8mins cause he’s still kind of hurt from a wrist injury he suffered in the Gold Medal game vs. Team USA, but in just 8mins he showed me a lot. I have a ton of respect for the dude. He’s real mature out there on the court, he has a great feel for the game. He passes the ball like crazy, reminds me of Steve Nash a little bit. Put it like this if he were in the class of 09 in high school basketball he would be the #1 player hands down. No question about it. I can only hope that when Ricky and I one day get to the NBA we can be like Chris Paul and Deron Williams, as our careers take off together like CP3 & D Will’s did. Despite what the critics say that he can’t shoot Ricky is going to be going a Great NBA player someday…he brings a complete game to the table."
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