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I can't see Minnesota doing that deal but if they would, you gotta pull the trigger on that.

Basketball relies on individuals by far more than any other team sport. When you have the chance to add an individual who has years of prime left, solves every weakness your team has, and is top 5 in the league, you gotta do it. When you have 2 top 10 players filling up the most key positions that would click so well together, the rest will fall into place rather easily:

You have KG and Arenas. Scoring is taken care of. Rebounding is taken care of. Passing is taken care of. Now what do you need? Not much, right? A big body to fill up the middle... PJ Brown or Kelvin Cato. Hell, Etan Thomas could do. Roleplayers at the 2 and 3 are the easiest things to come by in this league. So just pick up a couple good off-ball guys who can play defense, hit shots, and mix it up a little... would Jarvis Hayes and Josh Childress not be enough? Get a shooter and a backup pointguard. And that's it, you've got yourself a team. None of those are challenging to get with half an MLE. And we could probably do better.

Let's just say the Wiz trade Arenas to the Wolves for KG straight up. Does that get KG any closer to the contender status that he wants. Hell no.
yes it does. first of all it gets KG in the East where he's got a certain playoff berth regardless of his team. second it gives him a coach who likes and knows how to work with point forwards and will use him to the fullest extent.

not to mention the fact that Wash's supporting cast is way better than Minny's. the problem with the Wiz is that they suck at everything that KG is great at. I'm talking about passing, defense, rebounding, reliable post scoring. even without Arenas the Wizards still have the exact same strengths. well, KG would solve all of our serious issues and even without Gil we still don't have a lot of issues with clutch play, scoring, creating.

KG still wouldn't be in supporting cast Nirvana or anything but he'd be happier I think. there would still be team defense issues but it wouldn't be that bad, not with Etan Haywood and KG downlow and it's way easier for the perimiter guys to work when there's someone downlow worth fearing. there's still the issue of inconsistent shooting but Jamison and Hayes are far from bad at it, and better than anyone KG's got now except Mike James

You say that Butler is better than Davis and I dont really agree, i can't really say that one of them is really better than the other.
Butlers better... trust me. I agree that Minny would be retarded to trade KG unless they're getting a "name" in return.. or a top 2 pick. But Arenas is a name. He's not heavily hyped or anything on a national level but when you think about it neither is KG anymore. DC is in love with Gil and despite the fact that their team plays the ugliest basketball that I have ever seen they're having no trouble selling tickets.

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