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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
yes it does. first of all it gets KG in the East where he's got a certain playoff berth regardless of his team. second it gives him a coach who likes and knows how to work with point forwards and will use him to the fullest extent.

But that's what I'm saying. They might be better than they would be with Gil, but they would still only be a five seed at best. And that's just not enough. As weak as the East is, that's just depth. The top of the East is parallel with the top of the West. Miami and Detroit would still have to be beates. And even with a lineup of Danials, Butler, Jamison, KG, Haywood, I just don't think they could come close to defeating those two championship calibur teams. They'll get in the playoffs, but they'd be where say, Indi is right now. A solid team, but no real chance of upsetting a big dog. They just wouldn't be contenders.

not to mention the fact that Wash's supporting cast is way better than Minny's. the problem with the Wiz is that they suck at everything that KG is great at. I'm talking about passing, defense, rebounding, reliable post scoring. even without Arenas the Wizards still have the exact same strengths. well, KG would solve all of our serious issues and even without Gil we still don't have a lot of issues with clutch play, scoring, creating.

Well those are some good points. And it might make us the 4-5 best in the East, but again, we wouldn't be at contender status. And clutch play would be a major issue. KG needs to be paired with a really good swingman, who can take the scoring pressure and clutch play pressure off of him. A combonation of Butler/Jamison just isn't enough to do that.

KG still wouldn't be in supporting cast Nirvana or anything but he'd be happier I think. there would still be team defense issues but it wouldn't be that bad, not with Etan Haywood and KG downlow and it's way easier for the perimiter guys to work when there's someone downlow worth fearing. there's still the issue of inconsistent shooting but Jamison and Hayes are far from bad at it, and better than anyone KG's got now except Mike James

I dunno about that. I'd probably put Ricky above a guy like Hayes. And James is a VERY solid shooter. I know you've probably seen his Hot Zones chart, and this guy shoots the lights out. He's quite a bit of a better shooter than Jamison.

But anyways, I would definately do this deal straight up for the next two years. But what about after that? KG's 30, and he might have 2-3 more years of "superstar" status ahead of him. Gilbert on the other hand, has at least 6-7
more great years ahead of him, AND he's still improving. This guy will be top ten in the NBA with EASE once he develops that midrange jumper.

I just don't think trading away 6-7 more years of franchise guy for 2-3 more years of another slightly better franchise guy is worth it, when the new franchise guy won't even make you a true contender.

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