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Default Re: NFL Playoffs: Divisonal Round

Peyton has had quite a bit of playoff success individually. He's had three games of ratings over 130 and he's made it to the conference championship twice and won a superbowl.

His last four playoff games have been very good. Just for comparison sake, the great Tom Brady, who's known for his playoff success, has been downright poor his last numerous playoff games save for one or two games.

His last seveb playoff games, Tom has had five games in which his quarterback rating was 82 or lower. In those five games, he's thrown nine interceptions to only seven touchdowns. Peyton Manning, overall, has outplayed Tom Brady in the playoffs the past three years individually yet somehow Peyton still has a reputation of being a playoff choker and Brady has a reputation of being a playoff performer?

That's just some **** right there.
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