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Default Re: Remember when Boston chanted MVP for Kobe?

Originally Posted by puppychili
Or maybe Boston fans just call it like they see it. Knick fans gave Jordan a standing ovation even though they ripped their hearts out countless times. Maybe Boston fans felt that Kobe had an MVP performance and thats why they did that.

Not every fan is as insecure as Laker fan. You would never see Laker fans give any player props during a game who wasn't wearing purple and gold. Wade or Lebron could go for 70 at Staples and all most Laker fans would do is whine and make excuses.

Laker fans only give props to players who wear purple and gold and as soon as you don't wear purple and gold anymore you're garbage. (see. Shaq) Watch how fast they turn on Kobe if he leaves L.A., which he probably never will.

You got this right!!!! I would NEVER cheer for an opposing player on the Lakers home court. Get it I'm a LAKERS fan, not a PLAYER fan, it's all about the purple and gold and nothing else.

And if your logic was correct how come last year when Kobe actually won the MVP the oh so secure Boston fans didn't chant for Kobe???

Saying that the home fans not chanting/cheering for a player on an opposing team makes them "insecure" is one of THE stupidest things that I've read here on ISH, and I read stupid crap here daily!!!
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