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Default Re: Remember when Boston chanted MVP for Kobe?

Originally Posted by puppychili
To expand. You're a Lakers fan, not a basketball fan. Which is why I said what I said above.

Feelin you!! Lakers 4eva yo. Kobe is da greatest everyone who doesn't think so aint nothin but a hater. They gonna sweep the Celtics this year. Kobe gonna shyt all over dem. And phuck Shaq, Kobe never needed him no ways. I bleed purple and gold yo. That my team man when they die I die!! 90's were a joke yo. Jordan can't eva be frontin on Kobe and Magic. Kobes the shyt he gonna be havin like 7 titles by da time he done playin. No one else in this league matters unless they play for the purple and gold brotha. Wade, he a pu$$y and Lebron will never live up to Kobe. Well unless Kobe leaves and Bron comes to L.A. then phuck Kobe. Bron for life homie da real 23!!!

Tell me I'm not that far off from at least, at least 60% of Laker fans.

Well I don't speak for 60% of Lakers fans I speak for myself. And please find a thread where I have ever mentioned ANYTHING regarding Kobe/Jordan/Shaq/Lebron or anyone else.

I generally don't even post in dumb threads like this. However your post deserved a reply IMO.

I watch BASKETBALL and I'm a fan of my HOME TEAM. Sorry if that bothers you, or if that doesn't "qualify" me in your mind as being a basketball fan.

Carry on on great knower of all things basketball.
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