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Default Re: Remember when Boston chanted MVP for Kobe?

Originally Posted by Hotbullets
No offence, but that's how I feel toward most American sports fans. Overall they're pretty "bandwagonish", there are many exceptions of course, but there are just so many casual fans. I get the feeling sports fans in Europe are more hardcore. I might be mistaken of course, but that's just the vibe I get.

No disrespect though, I love America. ;)

American sports rivalries are pretty weak. The dislike between Lakers and Celtics fans doesn't even compare to any of the rivalries in say, Serie A. Opposing fans literally belt the sh*t out of each other prior to some derbies. Don't get me started on the chanting. "Boston sucks"? How lame is that, seriously.

The 'hate' seems a bit forced IMO.
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